Monday, 14 April 2008

Google Ad sense! Beginners Guide

What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is Pay per click Advertising program.

To put it simply, it means that bloggers /website owners place Google Adsense Ads on their blogs/ sites, and when the visitors click on the Ad, they are paid.

The reason it is so popular and profitable is the fact that the Ads that are relevant to the site's content are shown. So, for example, my blog is about Making Money Online, the Ads that will be displayed will have these keywords.In order to place Google Ads on your site, you need to sign up as a publisher first. Google will then review your application and accept/reject it. Once accepted, you will be given a Publisher Id, and get code that you can place on your website to start displaying the Ads. Read the Google Adsense Program Policy.

Ad PlacementFrom what I've researched, Google Ads placement plays a major role in generating the clicks. Some articles suggested that Ads should be placed on the top left, or right after the header of the site, or right after the content. All of them had one purpose: To catch the readers' eye. Flexibility and Ease of UsePlacing your Ads on the blog is very easy with blogger.

All you need is to enter your Publisher ID, and change the colors and display the Ads.The reason why Google Adsense is the most successful advertising program is the fact that they match the content on the site and place relevant ads on each site. Also, they use the most frequently used keywords for search in their ads. Since the visitors are already looking for more information on that subject, and are more likely to click on the Ad. Look and FeelThere are quite a lot of choices of Ads, there are text ads, image ads, link units etc. You can also customize the background and colour of the font. My research says that the blended ads are the ones that work best, that is, the colours should match the colours of your website.

Google Adsense for SearchIn addition to placing google Ads on your blog or website, you can also place, google search box on your pages. When the visitors on your site search the web using the search bar, Google will share the revenue with you.

Desktop Software: SysSenseSysSense is a free software that allows you to access your Google Account by a single click. It sits on the system tray, and alerts you when there is a change in your Google Adsense Earnings as per the settings. Get StartedIf you're not sure about how to set up Google adsense, and don't have a blog or a site yet, you can create a blog with sites that share Google Adsense revenue with you.

Here is a list that you may find handy.Hubpages Hubpages is a great adsense revenue sharing site that lets you create content and places Google, Amazon and Ebay ads on your pages, and shares the revenue generated by your content. FlixyaFlixya pays you to share pictures, videos and blogs, and gives you 100% of the adsense revenue. Blogger PartyA community for blogging that shares 50% of adsense revenue.Like with everything else, you will need to invest time in this as well. Experiment with different placements, use different keywords, etc. Remember, those who perservere, achieve their goals.

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