Monday, 14 April 2008

Hi! My First Blog! :) Intro

Welcome to my blog.

A while ago, I tried to find jobs on internet. I researched for a while and I came across plenty of sites. During this research, I found that creating a blog is one great way to earn money. Being a newbie, I didn't know what a blog was, and how it worked. So I researched on blogging as well.Next step was to decide what should be the blog about.

Since making money on internet had become a hobby, I created this blog and put my research on it. I want readers to benefit from it, and get the information free here. My aim is to make it a complete resource for earning Money, working at home earning extra money. My target audience is students trying to earn extra money, people trying to pay off their credit card bills.

You might ask that there are loads of blogs doing the same, so why should you read my blog? Fair enough, I agree that there are, and I was also inspired by one of the bloggers to start my blog. So I ask you to read my blog because
1. I'll just give you all the information needed in order to earn money online,
2. Familarize you with the lots of different ways of earning money online
3. Its easy to navigate, use Categories on the left to jump on different posts

4. I want it to be interactive, please leave your comments and feedback., tell me what you think, give me ways to improve.

5. I promote the sites that have paid me

6. I also promote sites that I haven't tried, but checked them on internet and they have good reputations.

7. I post Payment proof whenever I can, and whenever I get paid.

8. Easy to read and get to the point posts,

9. I can't promise riches to you, but I'll promise honesty/10.I hope you are convinced now, because I've run out of reasons Don't forget to bookmark this blog.

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