Monday, 14 April 2008

Affiliate Marketing Intro

Sometimes it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you something. Especially on internet, almost all sites are crowded with ads, subtle ads, blatant ads, text ads, banner ads, catchy ads, ads distracting you, ads intriguing you.

Ever wondered why? Internet Advertising deserves a whole new post, so I won't mention it any more. Today I'm starting a new category for Affiliate Marketing and this .

This post will discuss some basic concepts of affiliate marketing, and give you some sites where you can start, and sign up to become an affiliate marketer.What are Affiliates?Think of affiliates as salesmen.

Anyways, affiliates are saleswomen/men who earn for promoting the product/ service etc.What is Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting web businesses (merchants/advertisers) in which an affiliate (publisher) is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through his/her efforts.There are different kinds of promotions, some advertisers pay per sign up, some pay per click, etc.

The PTRs, GPTs and Reward sites are promoting the advertisers, and when you shop through them, they earn from the advertisers and share the revenue with their members. Here is a list of companies who are a link between the affiliates and advertisers. They provide tracking links, and maintain a record of the affiliates' earnings, and pay them when they reach minimum payoutAll of them follow similar procedure, affiliates sign up, and then browse through the merchants. Some merchants review the application before accepting the member as an affiliate, and some merchants accept everyone. After that, a tracking link is provided to the affiliates, which they are supposed to promote in order to earn the commission.

Sounds like Rocket Science? It does the first time you read it, but it starts making sense after a while.

Affiliate futureI'm using this site at the moment and I really like it. For Uk Residents, the minimum payout is £20 and they are paid through bank transfer. For International affiliates however the payout is £100 and payments are made through cheques. Other Affiliate networks are:Commission JunctionTrade DoublerMoreNiche Another good site for promoting health related products.ClickBankWith Clickbank, you can promote Digital products. No postage cost to visitors, hence more chance for profit.Affiliate marketing is no joke. Lots of people are earning, and have earned a lot by it.

Take the time to learn about it, and then become an affiliate marketer.

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